Jewish Family Service Association Cleveland - If You WANT Rampant Incompetence and Disrespect Choose JFSA Cleveland

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For years now JFSA has been a thorn in my side and I'm sick of the way I've been treated there. Though I've gone through the proper channels to file complaints over and over I'm treated as an invalid or outright ignored and I want it to stop. Here's the complaints I have about your very unprofessional organization.

Starting about four years ago JFSA knowingly ran me into debt with them, or they are just that incompetent. They sent me checks with no money to back it, and I cashed them not knowing this, when they were the only ones who could see my account balance I had no access to it, never had. Then they blamed me for running them into debt when it wasn't within my control at all. For months I was paying them back for their own mistake.

I asked to become my own payee. I had to get the paper work by myself. I set up an appointment like they said to get it signed then it turns out the doctor I saw couldn't sign it even though I was specifically told she could. I was told to make another appointment with another doctor. That appointment was rescheduled at least 3 times, and twice without them informing me. THey also wrote down that I had showed up to those appointments.

A therapist there, Jane Harkey had communications with my ex girlfriend through email when the girlfriend was not even living in the same city any more. I saw the emails told her I would go print them and then magically they were gone signifying that she tipped off my ex to delete them.

For the past 4 years or so I've been disregarded, pushed aside, and treated with utter disrespect. The organization couldn't find it's own butt with two hands and a flashlight. If I can find a way to take legal action I will. As it stands now, I am going to badly review it in every public spot that I can. NO ONE SHOULD BE PATRONIZING JFSA I don't care how NON PROFIT it is they are CRAPPY to their clients. Most of whom are mentally challenged so they are probably robbing them blind. But not me, I've had enough.

I have since moved out of state, they are aware of this, very aware, because they dragged me through a *** load of red tape to do it. I need to talk to someone there to help transfer information here. NO ONE WILL ANSWER MY CALLS OR RESPOND TO THEM EVEN THOUGH I'VE LEFT SEVERAL MESSAGES AND SENT EMAILS.

I think the problem here is 99% of their clients are mentally challenged to a point where they need supervision, I'm not, I am very aware of what they are doing, the rampant incompetence and the fact of the matter is they are probably robbing those more mentally disabled people blind and they can't see it because they lack the ability. My heart goes out to them because this organization is horrible.

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